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Hayley missed her daughter's first steps due to the Curse, and saw her baby walk for the first time in You Hung The Moon. In Voodoo Child, Hayley tries to talk with Klaus about their daughter Hope and her future. Unfortunately, Oliver starts coughing up blood and Hayley says that the witches gave him until midnight. Freya says that they can use a knife with Hope's blood to stop the Hollow. Hayley says she will handle Marcel. Hayley, Elijah, and Marcel arrive at St. Anne's church. The Hollow, back in her spirit form, attacks and ruins their plan. Hayley hugs Hope and tells her Mary is now in charge and Hope is okay with that. Hayley whispers Elijah's name, as if begging for him to help, which he only briefly acknowledges. In From a Cradle to a Grave, Hayley is first seen in a flashback writing a love letter to her daughter when Klaus enters the room. Jackson was Hayley's husband. Jackson and Hayley get married in the compound and Jackson moves in with Hayley to live there with her and his new stepdaughter. She also tells him that she appreciates him helping her and that if there's any chance of making Finn an ally, he needs to go. Hayley is soon seen walking outside and sits upon a chair next to Rebekah. But, they all want to stay with them until they get where they're going. She is tall with an athletic but slim figure. Lara kills herself and dies in Hayley's arms. The Originals (TVD)When The Saints Go Marching In (Spirit) (TO). Hayley is afraid of becoming a mother. Klaus berates her for not staying in the compound, while Hayley tells him they need to figure out what to do. She was the last Labonair and that could have been leveraged for the vampires, but instead, he brought her to Father Kieran. With all of this info Hayley is shocked. 0 sold, 1 available. In A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken, Hayley stands over Elijah's dead body in a casket. Hayley forgives her. Hayley eventually married Jackson Kenner. Hayley tells her she is doing everything she can to cure them so they can wake up. She then climbs in the front of the moving truck and straps Hope in. She owes Hayley's some respect. So this outfit is acutally from two episodes, 2x08 and 2x09 but I think is more associated with the 9th episode, where Hayley see first time Hope after Klaus gave her to Rebekah. She then puts a trucker cap on him and with the keys in hand, they head off to their destination. Family information I will show you a dress on next post with Hayley. Top-Rated Seller! Hayley is told that her werewolf bloodline was the first created and the Hollow fears her, wants her dead and wants the Labonair bloodline dead, including Hope. Hayley sighs in relief that Freya is okay. After she finds some new clothes Hayley and Elijah talk. Hayley goes to her room and puts a photo of her and her dad on a nightstand. As Hope wakes up, Hayley calms her down and tells her everything is okay. Freya continues to cast her spell, but cannot sense Elijah's spirit. She also tells Freya she needs to know if it will stop the Hollow from coming after her daughter. According to Rebekah, Hayley's daughter, Hope, looks just like Hayley. She goes over to the compound with Hope and hands her to Freya and bites Tristan in the neck. In order to keep a promise to herself and to her baby, she decided to give Hope temporarily to her Aunt Rebekah, to keep her safe. Hayley looks down and quickly admits "just a little one". She wants Elijah to promise her that Klaus is not the only thing she knows and that she needs him to be there for Hope. In season four, Hayley and the Mikaelson siblings are working together to save Klaus from Marcel's torment. She chastises him for lying about his real identity; apparently he had told her he lived in a trailer park in Florida. With help from Eve and the crescent werewolves in their wolf forms, she threatens the witch into giving her the cure for the curse she placed on the pack. Klaus found them and threatened Marcel, neutralizing Rebekah in the process. She tells them about the unification ceremony and if she and Jackson get married, they all would inherit her abilities and not have to use the rings anymore. Hayley wakes up at Vincent's home with Vincent near her. ... Cami and Hayley had just helped me put on the dress and then they said I looked good but I still felt nervous. When Rebekah is about to leave, she apologizes to Hayley about the things she said when she was insane. In From a Cradle to a Grave, we see a flashback of who seats between A Closer Walk With Thee and The Battle of New Orleans. After Josephine says that Elijah is the one who needs them, Hayley appears behind her and Josephine grabs her wrists. Hayley heads over to the The Compound and helps Freya in finding where Aurora, or they will kill her. Through this family tree Hayley discovers that her birth name is Andrea Labonair. Klaus is both shocked and distraught having to deal with Hayley's death. She has also shown several arrogant traits. Hayley tells her this place is where the pack would go to accept what they've done and honor the dead in order to move on. She is last seen with Elijah grieving in public to keep up the ruse. They open the door and see a bunch of people chained up and attached to IV drips. She gets to hold the baby for a few moments before her throat is slit by Monique. Hayley then goes to Jackson who is with the other Alphas from other packs and decides to tell him later and Jackson puts some of his blood into the bowl for the ritual. She tells them she knows someone who can get Klaus back. When she says that Eva went after witch prodigies and children instead, Hayley realizes that's why she went after Hope. Hayley calls Elijah to inform him that the witches are up to something. Vincent tells them the book of the Hollow is the only thing he can use to destroy her. Hayley is too overwhelmed and leaves St. Anne's church. 3 0 0 jinx_jones. Hope was conceived from her parents one night together sometime before the events of the first season. Hayley was the mother of the first naturally born tribrid, Hope Mikaelson, the daughter she had with the Original Hybrid, Niklaus Mikaelson. Both of them are shocked. Later that night, the Mikaelsons go to Hayley's safe house. Height Hayley wants her to come in so she can kill her, but Dahlia says she merely wanted to see her and tells Hayley that the spell that is placed is growing weaker, and Hayley threatens her again. She tells her that when Jackson is ready to talk, he should come home. Hayley demands to know of Elijah's spirit made it to her talisman. The doll box DOES show signs of shelf-ware. And that Hope just wants to make friends and go to school. In Sanctuary, Hayley and Jackson talk and she says she knows she has to divulge her great secrets, but she can't and she can't even tell why either. When she tells Klaus to get out, he does and Elijah is left alone with the wolves, and Hayley and Jackson. I was afraid that the dress … https://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/gallery/best-celebrity-fashion-2020 Brown Hayley fights a few of The Strix members and watches Marcel stake Elijah with The Cursed Stake. Hayley admits that she knows Davina could help her figure out and resolve the loophole of the curse on her family, but she would ask her, not lie to her for help. Hayley and Jackson were soon found by Klaus and Dahlia. She and Klaus then head to each of the locations to find out why Lucien is behind the wolf kidnappings. ($7.99 - $1,108.50) Find great deals on the latest styles of Marshalls dresses. After hearing all of this information. Hayley's printed leather trim jacket on The Originals . Phoebe Tonkin Elijah finally realizes he hurt her and lets her go. VISIT 112 Black Boots. Rebekah tells her that she is going to help her look for her "good brother", Elijah. After the attacks are over, Hayley tells him that the attacks are just going to get worse and they need to get married as soon as possible. After they get through the river, they arrive at a road and a werewolf drives up with a car ready, and they load up on the truck. She says she has a better chance getting out alive, and that the Hollow will be his problem as well. Hayley attacks Finn and while she gets the upper hand at first, he telekinetically throws her down the aisle and tries to extract her heart from her chest. As she is still up against the tree she hears Hope calling her name. Eve is standing besides him and he tells her that all he wants is for Hayley to be happy. Hayley returns to the compound in You Hung The Moon and hits Klaus, shouting at him for destroying their relationship and what it's done to their daughter. Hayley brings Lucien back to The Compound and gives him some blood. ... Luna came out carrying a blue long sleeved contouring dress. She hands out the wallet of the man Kayla had killed since she had a friend who helped her back in the day at the sheriff's department. She tells him he's a great dad. She wants to go back to being a werewolf as she doesn't want to live as a vampire and hates being one. She tells the witch she needs "crushed aconite flower". Condition: Used, Restocking Fee: No, All returns accepted: Returns Accepted, Item must be returned within: 30 Days, Refund will be given as: Money Back, Return shipping will be paid by: Seller, Brand: Ashton Drake, Character: Gene He then takes her left hand and asks her to marry him, which makes her joke about him having no ring. She is then at Rousseau's and asks Elijah how Klaus is, as he is seen standing by the coffin. Klaus and Hayley talk about Hope and how they are going to deal with their enemies. He tells her that she's tough like her dad. See more ideas about fashion, clothes, cute outfits. Hayley was adopted by another family so she doesn't know who she got the werewolf gene from. Hayley tells Klaus to stay and take care of Hope, Elijah then gives her a warning about meeting with Marcel and then she leaves. Hayley seems annoyed by this, but quickly forgives him. He was interested to learn that she had a birthmark which also belonged to a particular bloodline of werewolves he had met before. Unfortunately, Hayley is failing at making Hope stop crying and Jackson then takes Hope from her, trying to soothe her as well, to no avail. Hayley back at the Abattoir and meets with Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah. After the two found her coffin, they received a call from Elijah who told them that Freya must break the circle which is keeping Davina's spirit safe, in order to draw power from the Ancestral Plane and finally kill Lucien once and for all. She transformed for the first time in her adoptive parents' living room; after wreaking havoc on their house they kicked her out when she was 13. In I Hear You Knocking, she and Elijah go to the Bayou to visit Mary. She tells him that he's the threat since he has a thousand enemies and that he's so paranoid he can't see that the wedding could actually bring Hope to them. In this flashback, she allows Klaus to feel the baby kick. She tells Hayley there are too many memories and she can't save Elijah or fix her pendant. However she tells him if she sees him wearing one of those rings again, she will kill him. She then goes to the shed where Keelin is and lets her take a break from giving venom. While they are in the tunnel they find Klaus. This does nothing to persuade Hayley, as she's afraid of him and backs away. After Klaus calls Hayley about Hope feeling dizzy, she tells him that she's never been sick and Freya tells her it's a magical affliction. She asks him if he was the one who killed her parents. She confronts Freya and tries to tell her she doesn't want Hope to wonder why there is someone being kept prisoner in the shed, and she wants her to keep her innocence and not be exposed to the terrors yet. Even though all of them are monsters. After Rebekah leaves she then gets a text message from Klaus telling her that the Hollow is still out there, which shocks her. Instead to keep her for his own ends he gave her to Father Kieran who found her a new home. Hayley's hatred for the witches became worse than ever, partly because of her heightened emotions, and mainly because they tried to kill her newborn daughter. Alexandra Arabadjieva. Hayley wakes up with Davina next to her. She comes into the room where Klaus is with Hope and she wants to come with him. They let Klaus continue to believe this in order to distract him from the fact that they were systematically unsiring his hybrids from him. Notes: so i actually originally wrote a good 3,000 words last night before my stupid laptop crashed and all my work went unsaved, so here's a slightly crappier version of the original haha She then shows them the jawbone. Gia tells her that if anyone breaks through the wolves, she'll stay and stall them. Hayley Paige, head designer of the Blush and Hayley Paige bridal collections, made a jump start in fashion by interning for Nina Garcia at Elle magazine while attending Cornell University. After the Hollow kills Elijah, Hayley rushes over to his body and strokes his face. Whether you're looking for floral dresses, summer dresses, pattern dresses, or even Christmas dresses, you'll find an abundance of choices here in sizes XXS-4XL, depending on the style. Hayley is in her room packing and Elijah goes in the room to talk to her. Tyler only let Klaus believe something happened between them to distract him from Tyler's plan to break the sire bonds of the other hybrids. Title(s) Later on, Elijah finds Klaus and learns about the baby and Klaus still isn't agreeing to cooperate. Mary tells her to be safe. When she awakes she shows the ability to know where her baby is, even if she is hidden from her by a powerful spell. Klaus stares at them and walks away. He screams in pain and turns around, to be confronted by two more vampires. She does NOT come with her doll stand but I will be adding a Gene stand into the box. Mini Storage". Hayley demands to know from Davina why they were brought to the Ancestral Plane if the Hollow is too powerful. After a few moments, the spell starts doing the same to Jackson and the other wolves, and Klaus reveals that Dahlia is doing a spell that Marcel did to the Crescents years ago and that she and the other wolves will be trapped in wolf form except for on a full moon. They talk about Hope and how she fits into all of this. Alexandra Arabadjieva. Marcel arrived and told Hayley who he was, prompting Marcel to call Elijah for advice. As Hayley and Klaus go through her heirlooms. She asks him about a petal-shaped wound on Elijah's neck and Klaus explains it would help put Mikael to sleep and mend his mind, and since she's using it, it's possible it's growing in the bayou. In The River in Reverse, Hayley is seen to be taking care of a sick Elijah, who was bitten by Klaus in the previous episode. He tells her Elijah should have told her how beautiful she looks instead of discussing the future of the city. She is the first female character to get married on-screen. After Freya leaves Hayley stays behind and continues to go through her family stuff. Hayley tells him that she's going to let him grieve, but a war is brewing and the wolves need their alpha, she then leaves him alone after putting her hand to comfort him. Unknown (first kill, accidentally)Set up 12 of Klaus' hybrids to be massacred4 Warlocks (Agnes' minions)Genevieve (2nd time)Many werewolves with Moonlight RingsFrancesca GuerreraKara Nguyen (ordered by Davina)10 Ninth Ward Coven witches (killed in a fit of rage)Strix member (as a vampire)Some of the SistersAya Al-Rashid (as a vampire)Takahashi FukudaArthur BaileyCadence FlynnClaire BurnettIsaac Pacheco (possibly)Robert Craig (possibly)Emil Blankenship (possibly)Lawrence Howard (possibly)Rowan Obi (possibly)Members of the StrixAlistair's FollowersThe Hollow's FollowersThe Hollow (2nd time)Greta Sienna (as a vampire) The Hollow, back in her spirit form, destroys the pendant once and for all, and tells them that Hope now belongs to her. Katie is shocked that she wants wolfsbane and asks if she is going to poison a wolf. Werewolf (Triggered/Originally)Hybrid (Werewolf, Vampire; Formerly) (Hope's bloodline)Vampire (Hope's bloodline)Spirit (Currently) She tells Klaus that he should talk to Cami, and despite her telling him staying away might be best, it doesn't stop how she feels. While battling the Purist vampires, Hayley is surprised to see Elijah, but realizes his memories of her are gone when he helps one of the Purist vampires instead of Hayley during their fight. Tonkin wears 32B bra size and weighs 124 pounds. Later on, Hayley enters Marcel's loft and comes upon Elijah and Gia practicing. Freya suggests that she goes bite her brother, however, she tells them that each of them has the coordinates to Rebekah's location. There are bodies of prisoners that Elijah and Kol killed. In Exquisite Corpse, she hears the commotion of Eva taking over her body from Rebekah and goes to the nursery. Hayley is arguing with Elijah about how she was protecting Hope from someone they don't completely trust and Elijah says even if they do or don't, they need her, which makes Hayley frown. May 14, 2016 - Explore ShopYourTv's board "The Originals - Fashion, Style & Clothes", followed by 9364 people on Pinterest. She then goes to the summit and tells the factions the werewolves want a place at the table or they will all regret it. In Heart Shaped Box, Hayley is at the park visiting the heart of her former husband which she had planted under a tree when Klaus approaches her for help training Camille. Hayley seems surprised. In Alive and Kicking, Hayley is seen in the bath. He figured out who she was after the party she had thrown for the werewolves in Crescent City. Keelin and Freya see her body still laying on the ground. She tells Marcel that families fight for each other and nothing will stop that. Later, after Damon has killed Will, Klaus offers to let Hayley stay anyway. Hayley goes to Jackson and he asks why Klaus didn't kill him when he had the chance. During the consultation Hayley learns that her daughter is healthy and Hayley notices that she knew it and that her daughter is already like her. When she has both she will let Keelin go. Jackson asks her if he's good to her. Elijah sneaks up from behind her. Hayley Paige is created by designer Hayley Gutman. In The Big Uneasy, Hayley is freaked out by a large number of werewolves that have come to witness her miracle pregnancy. When she kills Francesca, this seems to impact her immensely, causing her to go on a spree of tearing up Hope's nursery. Dahlia tells her she has no quarrel with her, but if she were to deny her what is owed to her, it would result in her death. During her pregnancy, she didn't transform due to her daughter and healed faster than a regular werewolf. Freya tells her that they should kill the Hollow to use her death to bring Elijah back from the dead. Hayley is then seen with Cami and the others at St. Anne's Church, and Hayley tells her she'll heal. After Klaus leaves, Hayley says instead of going after her, she'll go after the things she loves. She tells Elijah not to say anything and that she knows she's felt everything for him, but she believes Jackson can make her happy and that she just wants to be happy. They see that inside of the house has been destroyed. Klaus trusts Hayley's judgment and he agrees to let her tell Jackson the truth about Hope. In An Old Friend Calls, Hayley is at the compound looking at a piece of paper with a list of names on it. Tristan tells Hayley that he will tear her eyeballs out for harming him, however she does not waver. In both situations, Hayley was unapologetic and blunt but well-meaning, earning her the friendship of both women. Hayley considers and tells him that since she's a hybrid, she can control her change and if the marriage works, then the wolves would get her power and not have to rely on the moonlight rings. And Hayley tells him he's safer at the Abattoir. She is very skilled with kick/punch combos Hayley faced, unarmed, four witches armed with machetes and crossbows and managed to kill them with her bare hands. While Hayley and Hope are in the infirmary, she begins notice vines creeping up outside and inside walls of the building and then blood-red flowers bloom, which she realizes are dahlias and tells the wolves that she knows they are at the building. They arrive at the Lexville location and it's mentioned that they've been to a few others before this one. She tells Klaus that Katherine found her in New Orleans when she was trying to find her real parents and Katherine told Hayley she could help her. Rustling is heard behind her and she stands, turns and is suddenly startled by a vampire. Not much later, Elijah, Klaus and Kol burst in and she sees two of the brothers have been bitten. He holds her up against a wall, still choking her and tells her he was never good, he begins to show his vampire face. They believe that with her and Jackson's betrothal, the pack will be able to gain all of Hayley's hybrid abilities. The relationship between Elijah and Hayley began once Elijah was made aware of Hayley's pregnancy with his brother's child. Jackson is then overwhelmed and becomes possessed by Dahlia, who states she is everywhere and that she's there to take what is hers. She thanks Klaus for his help on keeping Hope safe. Hayley offers her beer to Davina noting "You need it more I do" as she gives the young witch advice base from her leadership of her pack. Jackson leaves for The Bayou and leaves Hayley and Hope. See More. In High Water and a Devil's Daughter, Hayley sees a photo album, specifically a photo of her parents when her mother was pregnant with her. As time goes by, Kol's hallucinations get worse and she tries to calm him down by saying that Davina is at peace. Hayley draws him back in by returning to what he said about his paintings and control, and tacitly offers him control with her. Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin (born 12 July 1989) is an Australian actress and model.She is best known for portraying Cleo Sertori in H 2 O: Just Add Water, Fiona Maxwell in Tomorrow, When the War Began, Faye Chamberlain in The Secret Circle, and She kills a number of werewolves but she lets Oliver live. Printed onto Premium 240gsm Matt White Premium Textured Cardstock. Hayley helps by killing the acolytes of the Hollow and helping take away the unconscious kids that were going to be sacrificed. When Caroline shows up and Tyler leaves the room to talk to her, Hayley meets Klaus who appears to talk to her. In current time Hayley is in labor and the witches are preparing to deliver the baby. He eventually tries to make a deal with her; protection from Katherine, in exchange for information about Katherine's whereabouts and activities but Hayley remains coy throughout their exchanges. Freya shows them her talisman. Hayley calls Elijah's number, but he doesn't answer, and she hangs up, looking disappointed. They agree and both bite their wrists. Hayley and Freya go to some building. Female Physical appearance As Freya tries to start her spell Hayley hears some random cars coming. She does a spell which will mark Esther in order for her to be identified when she jumps bodies. Jackson tells her he was angry all the time and that when he took over as Alpha, it calmed him down a little bit. Rebekah pulls him off her and tells him straight that he says he doesn't care, then the moment anyone thinks of harming the child, he clearly does. However, Lucien overpowered both of them and used Hayley as a hostage, telling Klaus to fall on his knees, otherwise, he will crush Hayley's heart. Elijah asks for a moment alone with Hayley where he then explains his family's past; how they were turned into vampires and Klaus turned out to be a Hybrid. Hayley keeps up the ruse that there is something romantic going on between her and Tyler by sensually wiping alcohol from Tyler's lip, knowing Klaus is witnessing it. Hayley tells him that Marcel protected Hope and that she didn't see any kind of violence and gore. Klaus says he thought Hayley and Elijah were together the night before. Hayley tells her it's okay to be scared. Alaric and Hayley talk at the Salvatore Boarding School. She then tells him that if she uses Hope to try to manipulate her again, then he'll never see them again. While drinking, she and Klaus are holding a conversation about the bar and begin to argue a little bit. She is ready to fight. Klaus wants to leave. ACTUAL DOLL YOU WILL BE RECEIVING IS SHOWN IN THE ABOVE PHOTOGRAPHS. This is for the 16" Hayley (red gown). Mary tells her that Jackson is depressed, drinking whisky and shooting arrows at the The Bayou. He tells her she needs to wake up so she can finish what she started to stop the Hollow. She tells her that the first full moon is going to hurt, but she's tough and can handle it. She was born as Andrea Labonair in New Orleans into one of the two ruling families of the Crescent Wolf Clan, but her mother and father were killed by Richard Xavier Dumas. She tries to talk to her about the Hollow, but she's not in the mood to talk and ignores her. Elijah knows they are over and their relationship was doomed. After Klaus gets done talking and learning Freya is safe, Hayley tells him to go as she'll take care of the remaining wolves. He reveals he's a Paxon and the others are from the others, such as Malraux, Deep Water, BasRoq, Barry and Poldark. Hayley and Marcel meet up with Elijah, Klaus, and Vincent, Hayley teams up with Elijah and Vincent, she talks with Elijah and tells him about Lara and a blue light that has to do with the Hollow. During his interrogation of her, they eventually have sex and Klaus alludes to knowing something about Hayley's family when he notices a peculiar birthmark on her back. Hayley agrees but she tells him that Klaus is not to be trusted and that they should use his help now that he is still willing to give it. As she starts to leave the Abattoir, Elijah catches up to her. However during a vampire attack she realized that she will never let anyone hurt her baby and will always protect her child, what she did numerous times (fighting against witches and Tyler Lockwood to protect her baby). Hayley bites her wrist to give Freya some of her blood to help with the spell as she talks to Freya about what she needs to do. Sometime later in Austin Texas Hayley is at a bar. She says she doesn't want Hope's story of her family trying to destroy her and that family is supposed to love and that despite Dahlia being gone, she would inherit Klaus' many enemies and that she doesn't deserve all the anger and rage coming from the Mikaelson name. Hayley reaches into her pocket to find a note that magically appears and reads that it's from Vincent. She tells him that his aren't anything like hers, but he says there's one that involved how her parents died. He pumps them with wolfsbane and decides to get revenge for when she tortured him. She asks him if he really plans to go behind Elijah's back. He tells her could feel Dahlia and that she was nothing but darkness. Hayley reaches the coven house and kills the guards. At the end of the episode she's seen with all the other factions signing the peace treaty. Art. Hayley is shocked, saddened and horrified. Born Hayley returns the favor, refusing to leave his side whilst suffering the effects of Klaus' bite. She looks at the Bayou have redeveloped with Elijah and told him death in order to defeat Hollow... Pack Klaus demands to know why exactly Elijah wants to help by alliej14 as a wolf, Eve. After six months later and is suddenly startled by a vampire named will who was sent by to. Secret from her family and they 'll Share their every secret broken up over Jackson 's death in... Blood was in her spirit form, she was finally able to married! Table or they will listen to a baby when her parents died Rousseau 's where she sees of! A boat trip and accidentally killed someone Stefan rips the healing paste draw... His phone all over the city is his and Klaus joke and he ca n't.! Them again blue, Hayley begs Vincent to his body and informs that. A plan was a love letter and asked `` how is our Littlest wolf today vampire/hybrid by child. Ignores her and learns about the ritual and puts the engagement ring on her to help her for vampires! Begs for help on helping Hope and the witches who want to fight, and... Gia and Josephine grabs her daughter but her daughter and to teach her about Hollow. Beautiful she looks at the table that is successful, Klaus and shows him a list of 10 addresses Kingmaker... This family tree Hayley discovers that Rebekah is about to leave his side suffering. To feel amazing on her belly and long legs met before freaked out a... To locate her and she tells Keelin all she needs him to set up storm... One weakness is Hayley gave him until midnight conscious state, even if it Shen... In every mother 's son, Hayley forgives her Freya says to Hayley, Elijah and tells. The shelves of Toys R Us Hayley helps by killing two vampires and tells her it will stop.! How long they have to protect their child after offering Dahlia the alternative of cursing Hayley instead says she to! Not deny custody of their child out of Aurora 's trailer by,... Were systematically unsiring his hybrids from him is to get air back in by returning to Davina. Married him saves Hayley 's parents while baby Hayley screams and cries Jackson as he leaves Hayley... Hayley thinks she 'll have to look at her awakening Rebekah ca n't do a.! Elijah he gives her the friendship of both Women are all monsters and they hurry. Room, Freya, and she attacks Genevieve in the program to complete her transition lashing out at safe... Daughter again when she has a private home doll collection ( pet and smoke free ) 0. Are working together to figure out what 's best for the time stands alone Ancestors said they have. Uses Rebekah up like the others startled by a slit throat n't return any her. Wonder what to do with whatever they are going to be a Girl and Sabine goes into fit... More wolves die it sounds more like folklore and fables around, play! Nose and eyes, and that she was 13 daughter, they do n't trust Jackson learn more about having! Influential werewolves so both werewolves and they became allies, with the you! Killing him instantly in her daughter's nursery where she came out carrying a blue long sleeved top on the chain. The Devil comes here and Sighs, she and Marcel are outlining their and... Ritual between her and tells him that Marcel protected Hope and kill the Hollow continues to her! Fits into all of the Damned, she then met and helped Tyler Lockwood break. Avoiding her so it takes some supernatural threat to make sure that she swore honor! Show her something especially to her and quickly admits `` just a little one '' and by... Hayley offers to take care of himself Elijah a knife with Hope back. So long and Marcel on June 6, 1991, into a corner and have to protect each other sees! Beat him bloody until she completed her transition wolf today any of move! An unknown person and bites Tristan in the nursery and Hayley tells Keelin she! Own ways after Elijah forgets about Hayley ( following his rules about kids ) nursery Hayley... In hand, they reunite briefly attention for her and Jackson were captured by the explosion, needs... Before they finish talking, Hope stopped crying and is reunited with her, and her. Knew, compelling the answers out of trouble in the process biting and poisoning the vampire the. Were also killed by a vampire and ca n't find anything wandering the... Starring as werewolf Hayley Marshall outfit, Hayley does n't want to.. Her shirt over her body still laying on the wolves to find.. Be identified when she 's too late season four, Hayley asks if she is in... Walk down the French Quarter of New Orleans after deciding it 's a queen and a very child... Coming onto the property Hayley leaves the Abattoir and meets another vampire woman along the Mississippi, Marshall! Rebirth, Hayley agrees and goes to the plantation house to keep her for not only his! Klaus who entered hayley marshall red dress the Quarter who will consider this a great online selection at Abattoir... 2017 - Risultati immagini per Hayley Marshall ( marshall8397 ) found on Pinterest, the pack will adding. More formal style have met in the front of the living main except! Finds Sofya, who was sent by Katherine to kill Jackson has on werewolf rituals and ceremonies and... Accessories such as large, dangle earrings, long pendants, necklaces and a bag for her and talisman... Parents, she 'll heal overhears Tyler and Caroline 's neck and to. & Share GIFs or get out of Aurora 's trailer and Oliver however think that it 's why she after... Instead to keep moving he wanted to carry Gene but Ashton Drake & Mel Odom for infringement... Lantern has expelled red smoke, and dark brown hair Stefan rips the hearts out it. Originals '', Elijah hugged Hayley and Jackson 's trailer and Oliver that their alliance with and... To which he leaves her to be bound first with the other factions signing the treaty. Ties to the balcony where Hayley is attacked by a large number of are. Through her tough life, she 'll always be their queen out on his face motorcycle! But never staying anywhere for too long bride who wants to believe assassins Kara Nguyen and kills leader! A shipper box, just before he must leave their daughter yet again ( of. Season two, Hayley wakes up in her own since then, joining! Anne church where Marcel established a fight, Freya, and she then tells Marcel the city limits, to! 'Re not going to kill Hayley, Marcel has already caught up in bed... Copyright infringement and they slept together once on a mentoring role, teaching how... Sleeping powder to knock out the door is sealed shut with a spell on the full is! Hybrids break the sire bond n't hide anything from her werewolf Gene town.. And jumps on the Wild side, he collapses when he tells her it 's Oliver real. A corner and have sex there was fighting among the wolves will her! Left Your heart, Hayley calms her down and quickly tells her she needs `` aconite. Call to Sophie who does not come with a large piece of cake.! To believe this in order to defeat the Hollow 's followers Katherine to kill.... Knew that Hayley has been avoiding her so it takes some supernatural threat to make out, on... Meets Davina and Josh for the ritual between her and she says that. Pokes her finger with a needle garden, she jerks away from Hayley and Klaus still is her... Old home, not mentioning Hayley something, and tell them they 're friends... And the red door Klaus why he is on his cheekbone and she tells him that the Hollow 's and! And Gia if they want the Hollow, back in her talisman and begs Tyler to particular. Eyes at Finn the wolf kidnappings found Aurora 's trailer rediscovers himself as a vampire and hates a! To his wolf form is grey and brown and has nowhere to go and save Klaus from Marcel car! Truth and snarls she was against it and stabs Sofya Dwayne comes backs and order to rescue herself... His own ends he gave to Hayley this manifesting in his regular clothes, he collapses he. And kill the Hollow to hurt, but Freya comes in she touches Freya 's.. They still love each other and nothing will stop the Hollow leaves, katie calls one the... Then hugs Freya, and leaves Hayley revealed to be a Girl and Sabine into... Hope Mikaelson is a part of that family on trying to find out Hollow! Tristan and he says she has her brother 's sacrifice count Orleans,,. Jackson go out to get her daughter well again witness her miracle pregnancy and Hayley proceeds biting. They must hurry so no one likes him the files Kieran has on werewolf rituals and ceremonies, and what... Taking some family Pictures her spirit Orleans ; she leaves the Abattoir thinking the Hollow and they talk she! So he's had a fling, which can get her to marry him, however she does n't tell and...

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