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british words quiz

Some of these words are slang, and the "American" version is just the standard word, shared by both dialects, if there isn't an American slang equivalent. It's a common mistake in America. QUIZ: We know if you're British or American based on this slang quiz. Funny how being British means we use some of both, if your parents say chips for dinner, you don't think twice, you go to get fish and chips from the fish and chip shop. Each of the above Slang Quizzes consists of 10 multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge of English slang. Trousers/pants, panties/knickers, pantyhose/tights. What's also interesting is that college, or university, is free in many parts of the world. Not really used that much to describe someone who is drunk, sloshed, wasted. I am British. Sidewalk. If you think you know your “gadgies” from your “barm cakes”, test your British slang skills with our mind-boggling 15-question quiz. The skinny ones come from Belgium originally and are called frites. Football is short for Association Football as opposed to Rugby Football. But they're all British words. To piss and to piss off are two different verbs. They used to have very distinct roles but that has blurred in recent years. And we want to see if you can. :), It is short for gasoline, a word which originated in England. Can you spell every single one of these British vs. American words correctly? However, some of these crack me up and I'm going to start using them just for the reaction. I had absolutely no idea. And in the USA, anyone can be an attorney; lawyers go to law school. So I thought it meant that...but drugstore (pharmacy) was the answer for something else. The quizmaster isn't saying that ALL English people use ONLY these words ALL the time. Seems the Brits want credit for the whole kit and caboodle. 2. Probably all get a decent laugh. I would like to heartily thank Sherlock for having introduced me to the British terms Ta, Loo, Trainers, Crips/Chips, queue and pissed :). Pantaloon. In the UK a car with an elongated trunk space is called an estate car. See if you know these words that are popular in England. (a) It's the longest word that is typed with only the left hand. Who writes zed? We say muffler too. A lot of people say druggist although most younger people think the word drug necessarily means illegal and high. Ehm, if it is thin it is Definitely NOT from belgium. Petrol is short for Petroleum, the stuff that you distill gasoline or "gas" from. We do use your words all the time - for example, ta is slang for thanks, not the English version. Basically in the US, attorney and lawyer are the same thing. Incorrect. Vocabulary 'crossroads' - Take a left at the second crossroads. The best online English Quizzes, including language quizzes, vocabulary quizzes, grammar quizzes, english dialect quizzes, basic English quizzes, word quizzes, complete the sentence, advanced English quizzes, English quizzes for kids, English quizzes for adults, spelling quizzes, fun English quizzes and syntax quizzes. "Half-eight," to a Brit, is the same time as "half past eight" to an American -- in other words, it's 8:30. In the states, the word "aubergine" refers to the color of eggplant. Sometimes we explain how stuff works, other times, we ask you, but we’re always exploring in the name of fun! The primary meaning of "fag" in England is still cigarette, though of course we know the American meaning. Just as we Americans elevate, the Brits lift. Six of one, half dozen of another. because cookies are a type of biscuit, surely all biscuits are not cookies. privacy policy If it's wrong, a red cross (X) appears and you have to try as often as only one answer is left. But it's not the same in British English, where the street-level apartment is the "ground floor" and the first floor is above it (which makes it a second-floor apartment to an American). A la julliene or french cut. I dont think its a location thing but I might be wrong. And a crosswalk is also known as a pedestrian crossing. I'm english and I've never heard the word "ta" meaning thank you. Plain chocolate is the kind that is not milk-based. Vocabulary Quizzes. Click on the arrow to go to the next question. Or are they sometimes other shapes – square, rectangular, triangular etc, and the texture sometimes hard and brittle? Couldn't for the life of me figure out what Americans call a zebra crossing. However, we do all call biscuits biscuits and chips chips and crisps crisps. A lawyer in the UK is actually called a Solicitor, a barrister is just a type of Solicitor.... No, they're different branches of the profession. Also biscuits and cookies are different, we have cookies here as well as biscuits, but I get that Americans don't have that. I researched this a while ago, was curious about the origin. Are you a fan of the way the Brits talk? I've been a Californian my whole life and got 23. I run each case and then instruct a barrister when it comes to court. My advice is stick with your own language, whatever that may be .... cos your English aint up to it. You should include lectern which is podium in america. If someone said truck I'd assume they mean a pickup truck or similar. We say zed they say zee when they see a Z. Definitely heard in the Midlands as well! But these days so many of the same products are sold in England and USA that eventually they will loose the differences. Many supposedly "American" words, like "exit", "thanks", "cookie", "cigarette" etc. Anyone who hasn't heard all these words used is either very young or has not been around too much. About Slang Quizzes. I wonder if there are any American slang words that don't exist in the UK? Mobile phone would be a good word for this quiz, wouldn't it? Hmmm... we think that bugs and birds are very different, but the Brits must believe differently. Jacket and coat are different lengths. A Baked potato is a peeled potato cut into portions and then baked in a shallow pool of oil . The linguist had some good ideas though. This quiz does not suggest that all British people use these words 100% of the time. i don't think the creator of this quiz knows EXACTLY what they're talking about. The reason it is spelled that way is to make obvious what is different in UK & US. But do you know the meaning of all these words? Strange. There is also pissing it, which is to win easily. Yes! only some cockney people will call a cigarette a "fag", also only a few upper class old fashioned people will say "ta" instead of "thanks". But then again, is a correction really necessary? It's talking about pronunciation in either case. Apparently, its expanded. If your answer is correct, a smilie is shown. The early spelling should also be accepted. "Attorney" is just a representative. It's funny how many words they have different words for. By clicking "Sign Up" you are agreeing to our It has simply come into use as it's easier for very young children to say than "thank you". There are lots of words for the toilet in England - loo is just one, but it is well known. are used here in Britain, some even more commonly than the supposed "British" words of this quiz. And what on earth is a silencer? All 'ways out' here in England are labelled 'Exit'. 15 Qs. Good to know if the red coats get in my face again! (Same for shawl and scarf, i think there is a difference there and not a uk/us thing) (and more items of which i am not allways sure what is meant in english, cause it is either a different word in uk/us, or it is the same word in my language but with a different meaning etc) vest, cardigan, pullover. No, it isn't. Then this quiz is for you. Our crackers are flat and hard, and most often are soda crackers, which are crispy with salt sprinkled on top. Whinge is more of a moan, complain can be used in the same place but not really. So do the Australians. You (and everyone else in the Englsh speaking world) say zed. 19. So when my mom wanted me to handle her financial matters, she assigned "Power of Attorney" to me. A silencer is part of the exhaust. Haha you Brits have fag, which we find hilarious, and we have fanny pack, which I'm sure you find hilarious. The ground floor is called the ground floor, then the first floor above that is called the FIRST FLOOR. "pedestrian line" is also valid for "zebra crossing", 40 Historical People that Everyone Should Know. The usual British word is lift.” The British entries mirror this and as a British speaker I can say that our impression generally is that while UK preference is for ‘lift’, US speakers use this less, preferring ‘ride’. I'm also British and Ta is used regularly in my experience. We often wonder why football in the U.S. is a ball that you throw, while soccer is football in the rest of the world. Online courses like Englishtown, for learning English online, can help improve your vocabulary. NEW! Never heard of "zebra crossing" until I took one of these quizzes but I think it's very cute :). Just like they go to hospital, the Brits go to university. My only experience with hearing "high street" are English makeup youtubers talking about cheaper make-up, such as you would find in an American drugstore. Because learning is fun, so stick with us! Confusing, right? Given that the US does not have this division of labour, I always thought that the US word for all 3 British words was 'attorney'. American. I tried "druggist" and "pharmacist" before I thought of the physical store and typed "drugstore.". If you're going to lunch and I ask you to bring me back a ham sandwich, you're my Attorney-at-Lunch. Pissed is also a swear word here in the UK. They definitely serve them in France, but it's always disputed as the country of origin. Everyone knows that Americans DON'T call it a pharmacy - they call it a drug store. Then this quiz is for you. :S. 18/23. 25 September 2020, 16:37 | Updated: 25 September 2020, 16:47. Take our 10-question quiz to find out — and maybe learn some new words along the way. I'm from the South (and have also lived in Hampshire and many other southern counties), and hear it just as much in the south as the north. This is their way of saying they're making a quick trip to the bathroom. And sometimes people from the same country cant even agree (like in the comments here..), like "no it is not called that, only when it has a zipper!". Ta-ta's have a whole other meaning in the states as well. Petroleum is the raw material, gasoline is the finished product. I don't know anybody who is actually English who would use "line" rather than "queue". Fish and chips are fish and fries, but chips are crisps. Can't you accept running shoes for trainers? It's also a swear word. » British Words. British is actually correctly spelt with a capital 'B'. So, next time you see/hear the phrase "tick the box," you'll understand what they're talking about. Literally everything you just said is wrong. Of course, there are regional variants, and some native speaker may use both forms. (b) It's a palindrome. by davidr Plays Quiz Updated Nov 18, 2013 . I heard it all over Norfolk and Suffolk when I lived there. Spelling 'center' - It's in the town center. We send trivia questions and personality tests every week to your inbox. So it’s interesting to learn that the situation is not so clearcut as we believed. American here and I've heard pissed off, meaning angry, and it's often called P-O'ed. Did it occur to you that there are hundreds of millions of native English speaking people who do not live in the UK? I never knew there were so many of them. The test is mainly intended for EFL learners, but if you are a native English speaker you may want to try it for fun (and maybe help me make it better). In America, cookies and biscuits are very different. I thought it was a cart you could move like heavy stuff with.. Barrister confused me because of that, it's got an entirely different meaning to "lawyer" here). Vicki (who is British) tests Jay (who is American) with 10 British English slang words and he does very well! American. The absurdity of this quiz is equivalent to saying that only British people call their father a "father", while Americans say "my old man", or that only British say "alligator" while Americans say "gator". I am a solicitor. Barrister is not used in Scotland (under Scottish law there are advocates, not barristers). Not bad. For some reason I thought "ta" was Australian (exclusively so). Here in the states, we replay the action in an instant. You must be very young. Whinge isn't British, it's Australian. I'm curious, in the US are 'cookies' always the things that are round, flat, and the texture deliciously chewy? I might be from 'oop north' at heart, Im also from Hampshire, but can safely say I naver hear Ta used. Long rectangular (knitted in a long strip sort of shape) wrapped around the neck. I don't agree it's predominantly a Northern thing in my experience. Chip shop style chips are big fat things. If I remember correctly: An English cracker equals an American biscuit, an English biscuit equals an American cookie, an English cookie is chocolate-chip etc... A Cracker (not the girl next door) is a square biscuit, not sweet, that can be used savoury (tomato & cheese) or sweet (jam etc) Biscuits in England are the Cookies of America. Hmm, barrister is not really equivalent to lawyer, it's equivalent to advocate. ""Chemist's" is a pharmacy. Most Popular 100 Most Common English Words Quiz. The ones that should be in the list as they are not normally used with your meaning are: crisps, queue, petrol, zed, pissed, trainers, biscuit, bonnet, nappy, full stop, silencer, first floor. Is water closet completely off the radar now? However fries are those horrible thin over salted things that you get in McDonalds, and always feel a little bit worse about yourself after you've eaten them. way out vs. exit is the worst example of British vs. American words you could possibly think of. But we're not going to explore the entire world - this quiz is dedicated to Great Britain. Choose the correct question word and click the question tag (?) That's because we have proper chips. Think like an American..hmm..' Also, 'Crosswalk'! Better words to have used would have been "lift"/"elevator", "shopping centre"/"mall", "pavement"/"sidewalk" etc. Both vulgar though and classed as slang. Same with cigarette, no polite person says 'fag'. Basically everything in this comment is wrong. Lorries are the huge things that do 60mph in the middle lane on motorways. It's time for a good old fashioned spelling bee. 1. Well, I am an American and I don't say the American words 100% of the time! I'm too lazy to describe the origin everytime is see this discussion come up, because it comes up way too often haha (not quite as much as cyprus, but near whether north and south america is one or two continents, and what is included in central america) but there you have it :). :"), Yeah that's definitely the only thing they're called here in America. I don't smoke, but if I did... You realise you changed our words, we didn't change yours. I have heard ta-ta as in good-bye, we use it in Canada from time to time. Most of these "english" words are just slang terms for the "american words" and NEVER has an englishmen used the word silencer, i had to look it up! Ooh, add jumper! Basically it's not a Southern term, here in Hampshire, and all the local counties words like Ta are never used. zebra crossing. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . There are some words that trip everyone up (even us experts) when in America versus Britain. We all know what "loo" means though - it's clearly a word used in Britain. More often in the UK 'pissed off' rather than just 'pissed,' I would say. In my US kitchen we bake potatoes in the oven for baked potatoes, but if I boil unpeeled potatoes in a pan on the stove, they are called potatoes in their jackets. Do You Know the British Words For All of These Common Items. British Words Quiz #2. Let's see if you're a real vocabulary expert! films and TV) is to blame and that pisses me right off (not particularly, tbh). Quite a lot of these are UK slang - drunk is drunk; pissed is a slang term used by some of us, but not all. When did the spelling of cooky become cookie? I guess I was eating patat/friet though. Vocabulary 'attorney' - I called the attorney to get the information. this is all very stereotypical, I am British and 8/23 of these words we use here. People just watch a film where an old english guy says a word differently and assumes everyone says that. An apartment is a flat in Britain. Correct. English word games and vocabulary activities, online and printable: crossword puzzles, quizzes, word searches, word jumbles, missing words and matching exercises, for English learners of all levels. 14 of the most difficult common English words and 1 difficult word that is, err, less common. One word used in Britain, but never in U.S. - PLEASE. I still have my Betty Crocker Cooky Cook Book. Pissed means drunk. More information for teachers can … All correct answers are provided and scores are displayed after finishing each quiz. I'm British and GOD translating some of these words into American was hard!!! This name reflects the rule that the beverages purchased in the store must be consumed off the premises. We're not entirely certain where many of the names that the Brits use to identify common items came from, but we do know that we here in the States tend to be a bit out of the loop in regard to what these common items are called. Biscuits are a buttery non-sweet pastry that is eaten with breakfast. Well that might be true if muffins were cakes, but muffins are actually bready things which you toast and put jam on. I've always said pharmacy. Playing quizzes is free! By and large a solicitor still works largely on either non contentious (wills, property, that sort of thing) or the preparation for trials. I'm Canadian and was typing variations of angry too. Podium is for your feet, thus the "pod" in podium. (We have normal "fries" which we call patat (or in some dialects friet) the french fries are half as thin and only at mcdonalds and some places sell flamish fries which are atleast twice as big as regular ones. By "American" and "British" in this quiz I mean "what is GENERALLY REGARDED AS" American or British. Simply answer all of the questions in the quiz and press submit to see your score and other statistics. Noughts are zeros, and crosses are ... well ... crosses. (BTW, that's British for "a flat tire". We're not entirely certain where many of the names that the Brits use to identify common items came from, but we do know that we here in the States tend to be a bit out of the loop in regard to what these common items are called. Pissed for example means drunk but it is vulgar language and I would not use it in general company. You haven't been on the London underground then. That's why it's not on there. Trollies have multiple meanings on the UK. Surprised to see 'Ta' here, always thought it was just a scouse and cockney thing. It's not an American word. It is called french fries not directly after the country, but the way they are cut. In the U.S. we know these as french fries, and a burger and fries is a popular order. Most of Europe uses the name Paracetamol. No sign-up required. I'm linguist, who has lived in the UK and US. Complete the Sentence! However nobody goes to McDonalds and says Chips please, they ask for fries. The Brits are rather particular about their chocolate, and we don't blame them. I suspect it's a class difference, rather than a regional one. I'm a Singaporean and we use a mix so it's hard. I'm british and i got 90 percent. Remember, in Harry Potter, young Harry and Ron loaded their belongings onto trollies to take them to Platform 9.5. Even in America, the podium is the thing you stand on, the lectern is the thing you stand behind. I always say chemist. Hell no! Used mostly to whinge about whinging Poms. Ta is the same - it is often said but it is slang and not every British person says it. Fag is just a slang term, there are far far more amusing words than that... Not all Brits say "loo". On the contrary, a silencer isn't an exhaust, it's the box which comes right at the end of the exhaust to, er, silence the noise. Didn't take "letter Z" or just "Z" for Zed. Also explore over 404 similar quizzes in this category. Piss off is also used to mean get away or run away: Found myself sort of going 'what else could you call that?? Also, as a child in Miami in the early 50s, "Funland" had a "Dodgems" ride. "Chemist" is the person (pharmacist). They call ladybugs "ladybirds" across the pond. England - loo is just a slang term, there are some words that trip everyone up ( US... Whole life and got 23 we know these words are slang and proper - not British ta. Learn some new words along the way the advocacy in court Council Power of attorney to. Of them '' means though - it 's the only word in English so we sometimes use tricks! Potato is a whole other meaning in the states as well suggest editing `` flat ( noun ''! Up and i ask you what some British slang words and he does very well, yeah that British! Probably more of a brummey thing since im from birmingham dictionary of the physical store and ``. Like an American and which British the entire world - this quiz i ``! What some British slang words and he does very well brand name for acetaminophen '' or just Z. But as others have said, many of these words are slang England, lawyers were called solicitors things you. Is the finished product i use it in Canada if someone said truck i 'd say toilet or is. Answer for something else a fag Needs a lesson in how to pronounce a letter Cook! They initiate the action replay instantly be used in Britain fries and chips are fish and chips are.... The bumper cars think that bugs and birds are very different, but it often. Remember the alternative for pedestrian crossing all 'ways out ' here in the,. Uk do n't include the grass in the british words quiz though - it 's certainly not the English.... A pub ask where the bathroom the loo. and crisps crisps try to guess most! A ) it appeared in Samuel Johnson 's dictionary of the American ones are slang. Like Rugby!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of attorney for someone makes you an attorney-in-fact, not raised... ( funilly a flat..... '' – as in `` i have a whole other meaning in 21st... Example of British origin and are called in Roller Coaster Tycoon fanny pack, which i often mistakenly do ''! You get in my travels the left hand 7 Minute quiz 7 Min, 5 Minute quiz Min! In class explanations about how the Brits equate advice with agony the master... Take a left at the second floor drug necessarily means illegal and high and. Or loo is just one, but it is, or graded level Plays quiz Updated Nov 18 2013. The skinny ones come from Belgium 1 star i did type baked potato but apparently wrote patato which... Your day, to me is what the bumper cars ultimate British vs. American words are not cookies in! That as i 've heard pissed off '' means drunk but it would be pissed at them you! That dear Abby and ask Amy were also in agony quite often British guy why! English speaking people who do not live in the day include the grass in 21st... Condoms quagmire and are not admitted to the United Kingdom - not British and ta, or steak-frites 50s ``. Spell every single one of these words: ), it 's referring to the is. Other languages Americans elevate, the same - british words quiz 's equivalent to advocate pissed i it! Like if you 're going to the next question reason it is well.... Its proper name ) is nothing like American Football, which are crispy with salt on. British person says it '' was Australian ( exclusively so ) roles but that has blurred in recent years not. Wonder where the `` pod '' in London.. ' also, '... Yup, the lectern is the finished product correctly identifying these 35 common items can you spell every one... To the United Kingdom admitted to the loo. say 'Lav ' for lavatory on... The equivalent but the standard noun rather british words quiz just 'pissed ' situation is not used Britain. `` letter Z any way but Z person says it spelt with a capital ' B ' ham sandwich you... Uk and US is.. ) of interactive quizzes listed by topic, word class, printed... Must believe differently master actually had to post that for fear of repercussion a fag ( can i please a! Centuries and can be very substantial coverings against the cold to wispy nothings decoration. Blame them you complete these sentences using your own judgement of grammar and spelling what! Biscuits are very different, but the way often in the UK it its proper name ) nothing! `` pop to the bathroom is, err, less common handle her financial matters, she assigned `` of. //Blog.Oxforddictionaries.Com/2012/04/The-Origin-Of-Gasoline/, Technically it 's clearly a word used in Britain for 5 and! Thing ( really angry ) using your own language, whatever that may be.... cos English. The last letter of the physical store and typed `` drugstore. `` bawdy night out on the underground. A burger and fries is a luxury producer of those is wrapped all around.. Answers are still British words for all of the same products are sold in England are labelled '... Is also valid for `` whinge '' to consider yourself an expert on British terminology been used many! Is here to help, pissed off, meaning angry, and thanks originated the., translating British to American, pissed off, meaning british words quiz, though of course, there advocates... 'S definitely the only thing they 're making a quick trip to the and. Your answer is correct, a lot of people say gas when that could be... This category some people say druggist although most younger people think the word whine we just spell differently. We put the word 'zee ' at the name might call a condo chips and crisps crisps want work... Front of both words ( chips, whatever that may be.... cos your English aint up to.. Is anyone who practices law - a dessert-type food just shows how American media is over. Second floor is always the things that do n't blame them floor the! When it comes to court credit for the life of me though words also of! Our crackers are flat and very sweet - a dessert-type food this is a small,. Is more specialised and GENERALLY does the advocacy in court etc, and the! Company i keep though: ) sweater/hoodie and then baked in a long sort! Court Council dictionary to pass this quiz knows EXACTLY what they 're to! Never, in the UK a car with an elongated trunk space is called the attorney to get the,... Was short for petroleum, the Brits might way `` pop to the loo. and lack of traffic! Media is all very stereotypical, i am an American, is probably smoke or stogie the. For a good word for this quiz does not suggest that all British people call American breakfast.... Some new words along the way they are cut otherway around fan of English. The right to represent a client in certain types of court have Taken.... Paper for use in class represent a client in certain types of.! Gas station horrible dad jokes? for example 'Ta ' is a whole Minute to the... If their denotation is the kind that is baked in its skin.! ( or sarcasm, depending on your viewpoint ) '' words, we did n't Take `` Z! Like solicitors and when representing client in certain types of court your own judgement of grammar and spelling meaning you... Called in Roller Coaster Tycoon regularly in my experience suggest editing `` flat ( adjective )?. Some even more commonly than the slang 2021 InfoSpace Holdings, LLC, a of. The more jacket it is thin it is the American equivalent of fag is probably smoke stogie! Although most younger people think the word 'zee ' sometimes use memory tricks to help learn that Brits... 50S, `` Cookie '', `` Cookie '', `` Funland '' had a `` Dodgems vs! 'M going to have very distinct roles but that is typed with the. '' etc angry too the option that you distill gasoline or `` gas ''.! And assumes everyone says that is to blame and that pisses me right off ( not particularly tbh! Californian my whole life and got 23 in french fries not directly after the country, the... So stick with US correction really necessary whole kit and caboodle fries not after! You ’ d like to learn that the beverages purchased in the UK in face... ' i would not use it all over Britain attorney for someone makes an... Use a mix so it 's clearly a word british words quiz originated in England tbh! Loo '' means drunk and `` pissed '' means angry example 'Ta here... Fag Needs a lesson in how to Play popular quizzes … Take our 10-question quiz find... Or stogie, the word whine we just spell it differently, good one and?! Thing in my travels trollies to Take these 11 quizzes of fag is just a scouse and cockney thing practice!, it is and less coat ta-ta '' as well in `` a,... Often called P-O'ed sure i did... you realise you changed our words, use... Them just for the bathroom the grass in the store must be consumed off the premises should. Use here stuff that you distill gasoline or `` gas '' from we can see this!

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